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Barn & Church Conversions

Many barns and churches across the whole of the UK sit empty and desolate, when with just a small conversion they could be re-born and refreshed. This is where we at Highpoint Developments come in.

We have recently branched out into the barn and church conversion field and our skilled team of expert builders can refurbish or renovate any size, no matter how sensitive the building. We understand that some churches have been around for a long time and need a lot of care and attention when being renovated and this is where our expertise in building puts us above the rest.

Barn Conversion

A vast number of churches and barns have very natural materials and products and we take this into account when starting a project.

Lime mortar work for instance is a time consuming job, as this kind of building material hasn’t been around for a long time, given cement offers a quicker set and a greater strength.

 As most churches and barns still around today were built using this method, it takes time to repair and replace them without losing the authenticity of the building itself.

Church Conversion

We have a very experienced team when it comes to renovating and refurbishing barns and churches, so the care and attention needed when working with sensitive buildings such as these comes naturally.

We offer a wide variety of options, including conversions into offices, refurbishing to past glories and renovating and repairing faults and damage.

This was apparent when working on repairing a church’s walls recently. The whole building had to be re-pointed and redressed as it was suffering badly from water penetration. The water had seeped through the gaps in the lime mortar walls and had started to weather away at the walls and flooring. We removed the old mortar slowly and carefully to avoid damage and then gradually filled the gaps with new mortar that matched the colour and texture of the existing building. This project took just under 4 weeks to complete and we will be returning there soon to carry out painting and decorating work to restore the building to its former glory.

If you would like any information about the types of barn and church conversions that we do, contact us to discuss your requirements.

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